Accelerate treatment, reduce waiting times and health inequalities

Overcoming Patient Challenges

The delay to patient treatment and growing health inequalities are now the biggest challenges facing the NHS.

The Challenge

Many NHS organisations have growing numbers of patients waiting for treatment which started before the Covid-19 pandemic. The resources and effort required to treat and care for this group of patients could eventually exceed those for Covid-19 patients. NHS organisations have to find new ways of collaborating and working to ensure waiting times for patients are reduced.


Accelerate throughput to reduce the length of time NHS patients are anxious, uncertain, distressed or in pain


All the while ensuring no patient or staff groups get left behind


Release system-wide capacity to reduce the backlog

How we enable patient acceleration

The NHS already possess the key ingredients required. We bring knowledge from across the NHS, experts, your patients and your workforce to empower any NHS organisation to accelerate treatment and reduce waiting times.

think outside the box

Think differently

Use new analytically powered methods to find the true constraints

  • Proven in other industries, but adoption in NHS has been low
  • Multiple tools (Fee, free, open, R, Python)
  • Immediate impact

Remove Barriers

New analytics techniques, like advanced process mining, uncover barriers to accelerate patient throughput

  • Prevent non-conformance to best practices, processes and procedures
  • Reduce bottlenecks and waiting within incomplete pathways
  • Eliminate unwarranted pathway variation and complexity
  • Address inequality of access and treatment
person holding a syringesticky notes on a board

Become Agile

Adopt modern agile working practices to solve problems quickly

  • Focussed on the true constraints to accelerate patient throughput
  • Fail-fast practical approach to solving problems
  • Right team at the right times to deliver the most relevant solutions

Measure what matters

Prioritise actionable insights to make immediate impact

  • Quantify the time and effort required to complete patient journeys from referral to discharge
  • Qualify the impact on your patients and staff with their feedback that can be properly understood using text analytics
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Our solution

Process mining in healthcare

Modern analytical tools enable healthcare providers to properly understand patient journeys, bottlenecks and constraints.
Process mining analytics uses non-clinical data that already exists within healthcare organisations to interrogate their services and prioritise the improvements required to accelerate the entire patient journey.

“Applying process mining in healthcare will revolutionise the way services and patient pathways can be analysed and improved."
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Qian Huang
Chief Impact Officer & Co- Founder
process mining demo


Extract value from existing non-clinical data


Generate practical actionable insights quickly


Empower non-analysts to engage with analytics

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