Vulnerable customers

Detect vulnerable citizens, patients and customers

Who is a vulnerable customer?

A vulnerable customer is someone who, due to their personal circumstances, is especially susceptible to harm - particularly when an organisation is not acting with appropriate levels of care.

Logan Tod & Co helps organisations uncover vulnerable customer signals from existing data, visualise the findings and produces models to enable proactive support.

The Challenge

Regulators, such as the Financial Conduct Authority, are now pushing large organisations to recognise the challenges vulnerable individuals have and to start becoming proactively protective of them. ​This is an area that has been largely ignored in digital channels, but now due to the COVID powered digitisation of many customer interactions, it is an issue that needs attention.

Additionally many organisations are now swamped by the free text feedback they collect from individuals about their experience, leaving this valuable data unprocessed. It is often a case of 'hearing but not listening', and it is the voices of the vulnerable that frequently get no attention due to this analysis failure.


Collect the right data from existing customer data sources in a secure and compliant manner


Used advanced AI text analytics to find vulnerability signals and determine sentiment


Investigate the results to determine where vulnerable customers are at risk of harm

Looking for signals in existing data

We find characteristics of vulnerable customers in all major customer systems and extract them using advanced text analytics and bespoke structured data ontologies​

Our solution

Detecting vulnerable customers

We create tools to help organisations listen out for the signals of vulnerability in a scalable and robust manner. Embedding listening into existing and new process will help ensure the vulnerable do not suffer detriment.

“Listening out for signals of vulnerability is the first step in preventing harm.”
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Matthew Tod
Chief Data Officer


Vulnerability signals detected within any voice recordings or text source

Sentiment measurment

Understand the sentiment of those people showing vulnerability signals

Vulnerability breakdown

Explore the number and types of vulnerability being detected

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